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By Tom Knighton

The Canadian province of Quebec has come to recognize at least a little bit of reality.

You see, while a lot of Quebecois may support gun control, a lot of Quebecois gun owners aren’t interested in registering their guns. This appears to have pressured the government into easing some of its regulations in hopes of encouraging more to obey the draconian and useless law.

Quebec’s long gun registry will come into force as scheduled next week, but the public security minister offered concessions Wednesday to gun owners who have been slow to sign up.

Genevieve Guilbault told reporters the Coalition Avenir Quebec government will introduce a bill easing some of the rules in the legislation, which was adopted in 2016 under the previous Liberal government.

Guilbault made clear the government remains committed to the registry, which some would like to see abolished. “There is a law, and the law as well as the registry are here to stay, so people have to comply,” Guilbault told reporters in Quebec City. “They have a few days left to register their guns legally, because as of Jan. 30, fines could apply.”

With the Jan. 29 deadline for registering less than a week away, Guilbault said …Read the Rest

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