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By Jacki Billings

Zeke Stout, Master of Arms star and firearms expert, judges competitors on Discover’s newest ode to historical weaponry. (Photo: Zeke Stout via Instagram)
Master of Arms on Discovery has quickly garnered a fanbase within the shooting world as gun enthusiasts gather around each Friday to devour new episodes. Aside from showcasing blacksmiths from around the country as they compete to create historical weaponry, Master of Arms also brings its engaging cast into the homes of viewers. sat down with one of its stars, the comical Zeke Stout, to find out how he get started in the gun industry and to unearth some secrets behind the Master of Arms set. How did you first get into firearms?
Stout: I was born in Texas and raised there and in Tennessee so go figure. I actually grew up going hunting periodically and plinking with friends maybe once a year. I owned my first self protection handgun when I was 21 and it was a Lorcin .380 so needless to say that really didn’t get me into it much at all. I didn’t truly get into firearms, all in, until around nine years ago. I purchased a .357 magnum revolver and started studying like crazy through


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