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By Scott Gara

Dave Hartman has been the Director of Training for Gunsite Academy for the past 10 years. (Photo: Gunsite Academy)
Dave Hartman has over 30 years of dedicated service to this country through the Marine Corps and the Orange County Sheriff’s office. It was a natural fit to move from training police officers to training a wide mixture of people at Gunsite Academy in Paulden, AZ. For the past 10 years, he has worked as the Director of Training for the famed firearms training institute. We caught up with Hartman to talk about Lt. Col. Cooper, gun training during a pandemic, and Gunsite Academy. The first question is about the thing everyone is seeing in the news right now, how COVID is affecting things? How have you guys changed your classes? Have you seen a need to change your classes? Kind of walk me through that a little bit if you will.
Hartman: We’ve dropped about 100 students. Now, that was due to them sequestered, quarantine, the uncertainty of it. What we did was we actually canceled a bunch of our classes along the lines of classes that required close proximity, hands-on, i.e. would be our defensive tactics classes, our close-quarters pistol classes,


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