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By Mitch Hardin

The author tested his rifle with laser accessories from Viridian.

You'll have plenty of money to add a drum mag with this sub-$1,000 rifle.

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) came out swinging this year with the new MK1 Pro lineup. Those who have always wanted one of the company’s legendary rifles, which utilize an AKM-style long-stroke gas piston, can now get one for under $1,000.

Primary Weapons Systems MK109 300 Blackout Rifle lead


MK109: Primary Weapons Systems’ 300 Blackout Silent Knight

PWS MK116 Pro

AKM what, and for how much? For those who may not know, PWS actually has roots in the AK side of the house. The company’s engineers took that knowledge to fix what many believe Eugene Stoner’s original design lacked: a gas piston operating system. Think about it. Most proven battle rifles have been built around a gas piston to run cleaner, cooler and more efficiently. Fast-forward more than a decade and PWS is now offering its legendary long-stroke piston in a more budget-friendly package.

While the basic operating system is the same, PWS has been tweaking and perfecting its …Read the Rest

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