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By Philip Van Cleave

Ban Guns Pawn
Proposed Range Protest Meeting in King George County, VA ~ Reconnaissance Report

Virginia – -( Last Tuesday, those opposing a new shooting range in King George County, VA held a meeting in the local government parks & recreation building.

I attended the meeting so I can get some understanding of the opposition’s concerns. The meeting was announced on our VCDL VA-ALERT, so there were local gun owners present who support the range and their voices helped to make sure that BOTH sides of the argument were heard.

There were two sheets that one could fill in. One was a petition against the range and the other put a person’s email address on a list to be contacted with any further information.

Since this was organized by someone against the range, there was, naturally, no petition FOR the range. That’s OK – I don’t think we need one in order to fight back.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League members did an excellent job in explaining to the room full of people why the range should be supported.

Noise was the primary concern for the opposition, including those who are over TWO MILES away in this very rural area. One such distant person claimed that the noise …Read the Rest

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