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By Ammoland

Punishes Americans For Chinese Supported Poaching.

Stop Illegal Ivory Ban

Gilbert, AZ –-( After over a year’s delay, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposed regulation that would virtually ban the interstate trade in ivory, including knives with ivory handles and embellishments, has been published in the Federal Register.

Knife Rights Chairman Doug Ritter explained, “Knife owners, knifemakers, scrimshaw artists and suppliers will all be hit hard if the rule is allowed to go into effect as it is proposed. While there are some exceptions allowed in this proposed ivory ban, they are very narrow and the overall impact is as bad as expected for honest owners of decades-old legal ivory.”

A 60-day comment period is provided.

Knife Rights abhors the poaching of all species. The proven solution is to attack poaching at the source, not punish lawful ivory owners in the U.S. who cannot have any effect on poaching in Africa. Successful anti-poaching programs have demonstrated that an integrated comprehensive approach that encourages the locals to fight poaching does work. This is the sort of solution that should be expanded and encouraged by the U.S. and by all who really want to end poaching.

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