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By Brandon Curtis


Hearing protection is a must-have when we’re out on the range, and it’s important to be mindful when choosing the right kind for you. With advancements in technology that are making this better and less expensive, we are seeing great things pop up for the shooting world and beyond.

Enter: ProSounds H2P (See the Indidgogo Campaign)

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this brand new offering from ProSounds, and I have tested them enough to give you my thoughts and opinions on the product. First, let’s take a look at some info on these new earbuds:

Tiny, but not too small where you’ll be fumbling to control them. Each earbud offers one small dial that’s easy to turn with either a finger or fingernail. This dial turns the device on and off, while also controlling the volume.

So what do these things actually do? In a nutshell, they let soft noises, like people talking, come in nice and clear while also amplifying those sounds, and they block unwanted loud noises… such as the firing of a gun. You get the best of both worlds; being able to hear the person next to you talk, and saving your ears from …Read the Rest

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