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By Dan Zimmerman


By James England via

Recently we got a Facebook message from an avid reader who wanted to know our reasoning behind the idea of always aiming for center mass. The reader said that one of his relatives didn’t understand why limb shots or head shots wouldn’t be preferable to a center mass shot. The rationale is understandable — the potential concealed carrier is looking to not take life and simply incapacitate his target . . .

That’s great. That’s exactly why we shoot center mass.

Along the medial line (also called the midline) of the human body, we see the main components of a person’s central nervous system, respiratory, digestive, and cardiovascular system. The core pieces — the heart, lungs, spine, liver, and kidneys are all placed directly to the left or right of that midline.

We’ve included a graphic to help illustrate this.

In a defensive situation, if you can aim for the middle of the target, you have the greatest chance of the bullet landing somewhere in vicinity of these systems. Any direct hit to the heart, lungs, liver, or spine will likely result in the target being seriously incapacitated or killed.

That supports the idea that …Read the Rest

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