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By James England

HUMBLE, TEXAS — In the heat of the moment, a concealed carrier recognized that one his favorite Chinese restaurants was getting robbed and set himself up at a distance to ambush the robbers as they got away. When the robbers emerged, the loyal customer let loose with a withering fire at them and their getaway vehicle. It was unclear if any of the robbers were hit as they escaped in a Nissan car but another customer’s vehicle caught one of the rounds.

As Harris County deputies reported to ABC 13 News, charges likely won’t be pending for the concealed carriers actions. After all, this is Texas, and if you see a violent felony in progress, you may intervene.

However, we’d like to point out that this was highly dangerous behavior. The concealed carrier fired from a position across the street where there were four lanes of road between him and the robbers.

It really is a horrible feeling to sit and judge someone else’s well intentioned actions and critique every little misstep. The problem is that when rounds are being fired, there is a lot more to consider than simply “winning”.

First, the crime was already over by the time the concealed …Read the Rest

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