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By Lee Williams

Sarah Joy Albrecht is founder and executive director of Hold My Guns®, a liberty-based nonprofit that connects donors and FFLs to provide crisis services to their communities. (Photo courtesy Hold My Guns®)by Lee WilliamsThe small Pennsylvania-based nonprofit Hold My Guns® describes itself as “for gun owners, by gun owners.” Its mission is to “connect responsible firearm owners with voluntary firearms storage, through our national network of partnering FFLs, during times of mental health crisis or personal need.”The process is simple. If a gun owner wants to securely store their weapons, they go to the website, find a participating Federal Firearm Licensee in their area, bring in their guns, fill out a contract and agree to pay a small fee for firearm storage, usually $5-$20 per month. When they pick up their guns, they fill out an ATF Form 4473, which makes the process compliant with ATF’s custodial storage regulations, and then take their guns home.Sarah Joy Albrecht, founder and executive director of Hold My Guns®, says gun owners have used their safe storage during military deployments, while on vacation, during a difficult divorce, after a watermain break, while they cared for an at-risk foster child, and if someone is struggling

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