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By Chris Eger

An open carry event at an Ohio college on Saturday sparked protestors and resulted in four arrests for disorderly conduct.
Organized by Kaitlin Bennett, 22-year-old recent Kent State University graduate who made headlines earlier this year by taking a stroll on campus with a feathery white dress and an AR-10, the event was met by those opposed to her message. Bennett takes exception with the campus ban on guns.
“I don’t think they are respecting the law by trying to restrict our right to carry,” Bennett told Fox 8, “When we wanted to do the rally they said we couldn’t have guns on the outside public land, which I don’t even consider that lawful, and I don’t know how any police department can uphold that and I think that’s ridiculous and disgusting.”
Kent State officials stood by their policy for the march, increased security measures and called in Ohio state troopers who reportedly came to campus from posts across the state. According to Bennett, “Antifa threw fake grenades, assaulted cops, tried assaulting me, & tried to take a firearm from a gun owner.”
In the end, four individuals at the event were arrested by police. Kent State President Beverly Warren reiterated after the event


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