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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Primary Arms Optics Announces New ACSS Aurora Reticle
Primary Arms Optics Announces New ACSS Aurora Reticle

HOUSTON, TEXAS-( Primary Arms proudly announces ACSS Aurora, the first all-metric Advanced Combined Sighting System reticle.

Many shooters around the world, especially those with military and law enforcement experience, prefer the “base 10” metric system of centimeters and meters, and the milliradian (MIL or MRAD) unit of angular measurement. ACSS Aurora features bullet drop compensation in 50-meter increments all the way out to 800 meters, with wind hold dots incorporated at 100-meter intervals. Large ranging ladders to each side of the center chevron accurately range estimate even for targets that are partially obscured and double as moving target leads for fast moving targets traveling up to 40 mph.

Aurora takes the proven features that made ACSS famous and boosts them to the next level while maintaining an intuitive, uncluttered structure that is easy to understand and fast to use out in the field. ACSS Aurora is calibrated for military specification 5.56 NATO ammunition types M193, M855, and Mk 262. By fine-tuning initial zero offset, Aurora’s bullet drop compensation can be brought into line with various barrel lengths and even the shooter’s altitude above sea level.

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