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By Ammoland

Blunt Force Trauma
Blunt Force Trauma
Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

USA – -( Violence is a global problem, which in the context of this article (interpersonal violence), is intentional force against another person or persons with the potential to cause injury or bodily harm, resulting in disability or death.

Despite what one has been led to believe, America is not the most violent nation.

When it comes to violence, objectively compared to developed nations, the U.S. is in the middle of the pack; when considering the rest of the world, the U.S is far behind Latin-America (including Brazil), Africa, and much of Eastern Europe and Eurasia (including Russia).

Nevertheless, we must admit that we have an endemic problem that needs addressing.

Violence perpetrated by assailants carrying (or having the opportunity to rapidly be able to pick up and use) a blunt object to attack another person may result in severe bodily harm and/or head injury. In the body, severe blunt trauma may result in long bone fractures and external or internal injuries and bleeding — complications requiring surgery by a trauma surgeon. As a neurosurgeon, I’m most familiar with spinal and head …Read the Rest

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