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By Bill Frady

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Today on Lock N Load Radio, 24 Feb 2017’s topics of discussion include:

An interesting day to be sure. I really though all this civil unrest stuff would come to an end if some sanity were introduced, but I was not counting on the Left coming completely unglued.

The Republicans have a blueprint for success, if they would only shut up and read it. Mexico thinks they have a say in US Immigration policy…….all that remittance money has affected their critical thinking.

And Dr John Edeen from the Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership stops in to discuss Docs vs Glocks and this crazy Hospital Gun Free Zone.

Hour #1

Straightforward From Here To The Left’s Fascist, Maybe Violent, Endgame, The Lucid Package of the good stuff came today, CPAC’s Self-Inflicted Wound, The Labyrinth of Illegal Immigration, American Gigolos (GOP Watch List, Part 2).

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