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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Shooting Range Bench at POMA
Shooting Range Bench at POMA

JOHNSTOWN, Pa.-( The Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) recently created a Social Media Influencer membership qualification category, available for both Voting media members and Associate media members (non-voting). The category was created and approved by POMA’s board of directors at the 2018 Annual Business Conference in Lincoln, Neb. Requirements are outlined below. Membership dues are $200 per year for media members; $100 per year for retired media members and $50 per year for students. Payment plans are available upon request. Click here to apply for a membership.

The category is defined as a professional social influencer who provides the following:

  • Digital content and brand representation services
  • Distribution of content primarily through social channels
  • Provides purchase guidance to consumers and followers through produced content
  • Requirements for Associate media member (must meet at least three of the four requirements)
  • Requirements for Voting media member (must meet all four requirements)
  • Receives payment for digital media services such as writing, photos, videos, appearances
  • Has previously been paid in product for produced content
  • Promotes other companies and products through their content
  • Produces informational and educational editorial-style text/images/video about/related to outdoor sports.

“We have received numerous requests from social influencers who didn’t fit the mold of our other media categories …Read the Rest

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