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By Tom Knighton

Not a month seems to go by where we don’t see some headline claiming that there’s massive support for gun control among the voters. Regardless of the proposal, it seems there’s an outsized positive response to even the most ludicrous policy proposals. It’s baffling in so many ways.

Now, I’ve argued that even if the polls were accurate, it doesn’t mean all that much since anti-gun voters are rarely driven to make choices based on that position. They’re far more likely to vote based on economics, foreign policy, and/or a dozen other policy positions before they consider guns…unless they’re pro-gun. Many, if not most, pro-gun folks use the Second Amendment as a driving issue for them. They’ll support the most pro-Second Amendment candidate out there. And none of that shows up in the polls.

However, someone who knows far more about polling than I do has another reason to dismiss the polls.

John McLaughlin, a trusted confidant of then-candidate Donald Trump three years ago, says left-wing bias and questionable methods are reflecting skewed polling results including a recent headline-grabbing poll that suggestes a majority of Americans want his client impeached.

According to McLaughlin, the recent Fox News poll that showed a …Read the Rest

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