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By Patriot Outdoor News

The pro-gun control crowd tosses a lot of nonsense into the media spin cycle regarding firearms; we all know this. One of the most frustrating things though is the absurd talking point that it’s easier to buy a gun than it is to buy a candy bar–or a pack of gum. I never knew buying a pack of Juicy Fruit required a 4473 form with the ATF.

Maybe the reason that this talking point has been hurled at this consistently whenever there is a gun-related tragedy is because at one time it actually resonated. A new CNN/ORC poll found that between 1989-1993, 67 percent of Americans, on average, thought it was too easy to get a gun. By the same average and time frame, just 25 percent thought it was about right.

That percentage could be possibly due to the high rates of crime, especially gun-related homicides that peaked in 1993. As of now, firearm-related homicides are down 39 percent; Pew found that it decreased by 49 percent. Overall, violent crime continues its downward trend. Also, those who feel that the laws make it too easy to buy a gun have also experienced a downturn.

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