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By Brandon Curtis

Making sure that a holster is clear when holstering your firearm is important, but is it enough to just assume that it’s clear? The truth is, you can’t say for certain that nothing is in the way unless you physically take a look.

Fight me all you want, but these are the facts of life.

First, let’s take a look at some poll results:

We’re going to assume that you’re using a holster that’s properly molded for your firearm. In other words, you’re using something like these:

…instead of something like this:

The holster directly above is made by a company that also makes one of the holsters in the photo above it, but it’s one that we shy away from because it doesn’t have a custom fit for firearms.

Without a gun in the holster, and without that molded support, the two sides will tend to come together, removing that opening for the gun. It creates a moment where the user has to ‘fish’ around to get the muzzle to make it’s way into the holster. It’s not the ideal setup when better options are available.

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