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By Micah Rate

Screenshot of dashcam footage via Harris County Sheriff’s Office

A Texas police department has released footage of an officer-involved shooting that took place on Halloween, which claimed the life of a 17-year-old teen.

According to reporting from Julian Gill of the Houston Chronicle, on Oct. 31, members of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston, Texas attempted to pull over 17-year-old Jose Luis Centeno, Jr. after he failed to stop for a school bus unloading students.

Dashcam footage shows officers pursuing Centeno through a gas station, past other school buses preparing to pick up or drop off students, and down narrow two-lane roads before Centeno hits a major roadway. While trying to do an illegal u-turn across three lanes of traffic to evade law enforcement, Centeno drives his car into a ditch, where law enforcement successfully boxes him in. The officers then exit their vehicles with weapons drawn.

Video from the first angle doesn’t appear to show the reason for the shooting, as Centeno and his car are not in view. As officers approach Centeno, the camera picks up their muffled commands before they open fire.

However, a second camera angle from another officer’s dashcam shows that as officers walk toward Centeno, who’s …Read the Rest

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