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By Brian Seay

Alexandria Police Chief Michael Brown on Monday said he could “not be more proud” of the officers in his department who helped stop an active shooter at a Congressional baseball practice last week. (Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press)
A police chief in Virginia praised his officers Monday for their response to the active shooter situation at a Congressional baseball practice last week.
Alexandria Police Chief Michael Brown said at a news conference Monday that Officer Nicole Battaglia, with less than two years on the job, was instrumental in distracting the shooter so other officers could neutralize the threat.
“She immediately started taking fire from the suspect, and she jumped out of the car without cover and moved towards the fire fight — not away from it — towards it, to the point where she was actually pinned down in the parking lot with a barrage of weapon fire from the shooter,” Brown said. “That act alone, probably, in my opinion, diverted the attention of the shooter away from the other officers allowing them to get themselves in position to deal with the situation that took place.”
The FBI said James T. Hodgkinson, of Belleville, Illinois, opened fire on lawmakers and others with a 9mm


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