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By Jacki Billings

In the showdown of plastic vs metal, who will win? (Photo: Jacki Billings/
When selecting a holster for concealed carry, there are usually several options to choose from in order to customize a holster to one’s liking. While options like color and cant are more obvious choices, choosing between plastic belt clips or metal belt clips might be more difficult to decide. In the grand scheme of concealed carry, which style of belt clip is better?
Plastic belt clips
There are two styles of plastic belt clips for holsters – kydex or injection molded – and the design of the holster plays a part on which a company chooses. Though Kydex is known for its rigidity and durability due to its thermoplastic acrylic-poluvinyl construction, it can be pricier than the injection molded alternative. Injection molding involves a blend of molten materials (usually nylon, polymer and sometimes carbon fiber) which makes the process faster and often less expensive; but the tradeoff is less durability over time.
Plastic has won the hearts of many concealed carriers for its lightweight nature and ease. Plastic is often easier to manipulate onto the belt line, offering less resistance. Additionally, plastic belt clips are less likely to snag and tear


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