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By Cam Edwards

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is locked in a legal fight with several residents and Second Amendment organizations over the local gun control ordinances, including a “red flag” provision, that were signed by Mayor Bill Peduto earlier this year. At issue is the fact that in Pennsylvania, the state legislature alone has the power to regulate gun laws, which anti-gun politicians like Peduto find unacceptable. The mayor says he tried to get other cities in Pennsylvania to pass local gun control ordinances in an effort to challenge the state’s firearms preemption law, but couldn’t get any other municipality to join his anti-gun crusade.

Mr. Peduto said earlier this year that he was hoping to enlist municipalities across the state to pass similar laws, with the expectation that they will be challenged by the NRA. If the gun lobbying organization chose to challenge all of them in court, it would strain its attention and resources, he reasoned, and possibly weaken its grip.

Plus, his hope was that a collection of local movements would rise to the state level.

But in Pennsylvania, there’s been no rush of municipalities spoiling for a fight over these measures. Mr. Peduto now believes Pittsburgh …Read the Rest

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