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By John A. Heatherly

Elk and deer are on the move in the Fall. Opportunities to photograph the wondrous activity are frequent. Fall is one of the best times to travel to the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina to catch a glimpse of the wonder.

Below are a few tips for success, and try not to be like the man in the video:

Ashville Citizen-Times has more…

“It’s 7:30 a.m. and an eerie bugling sound echoes through the valley. Mist hovers overs the open fields, hardwoods rise sharply toward the first light just edging over the mountain peaks. My heart is racing. More bugling, then another off in the distance.

“We’re here to catch a glimpse of these wild creatures, racks 4-5 feet across, towering over the massive chestnut body of the Eastern Elk.”—Bob Grytten, Go Magazine

September is prime time for The Rut, breeding season for elk and deer worldwide. That makes it a great time for photographers to shoot some real action.

In defense of their “harems” of cows and calves, the bulls (male elk) bugle and rub trees, shrubs and the ground with their antlers to intimidate other bulls, occasionally waging battle.

Here in the mountains of North Carolina, …read more

Source:: Patriot Outdoor News

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