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By Ammoland

Toy Pop Gun
Phoenix City Officials Shoot Down Western-Themed Amusement Featuring Fake Guns
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action
NRA – Institute for Legislative Action

USA –-( the past 31 years, the City of Phoenix, AZ has hosted a Fourth of July event centered around what it bills as “one of the largest fireworks displays in the Southwest.”

In addition to the fireworks, part of the fun is an array of different vendors offering a variety of amusements.

This year, however, the city rejected the application of a Wild West oriented shooting gallery as inappropriate for the event.

The American tradition of fireworks displays on Independence Day, like our national anthem, pays homage to the fact that armed conflict has historically been necessary to preserve America’s unique devotion to the principles of liberty and consent of the governed. Another Independence Day tradition similarly involves a 50-gun “Salute to the Union” on U.S. military bases.

Yet despite the continuing vitality of these traditions, Phoenix park officials rejected permission for the family-oriented concession at their Fabulous Phoenix 4th festival on the basis that it featured fake six-shooters and lever-action rifles that fire harmless infrared signals at reactive targets. The reason, according to …Read the Rest

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