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By Daniel Terrill

Valerie Castile, mother of Philando Castile, speaks about her reaction to a not guilty verdict for the officer who killed her son during a traffic stop last July. (Photo: Renee Jones Schneider/Star Tribune via AP)
The family of Philando Castile, a black concealed carrier gunned down by a police officer during a traffic stop, settled a wrongful death suit with the village of St. Anthony, attorneys for the family and the city said Monday in a joint statement.
Castile’s mother, Valerie Castile, acting as trustee for the next-of-kin, will receive $2.995 million, according to the statement, adding the monies will be paid through the city’s coverage with the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust rather than taxpayer dollars.
“The city and the trustee were able to reach this agreement avoiding a federal civil rights lawsuit which may have taken years to work its way through the courts exacerbating the suffering of the family and of the community,” the statement says.
The decision to settle comes as part of an effort to help ease the tension between authorities and an outraged public brought on by Castile’s unnecessarily violent death and the acquittal of the officer who pulled the trigger.
The agreement comes 10 days after a


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