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By Luis Valdes


Permitless Concealed-Only Carry Headed To Governor Ron DeSantis’ Desk!
Good news! Permitless Concealed-Only Carry is on its way to Governor Ron DeSantis! The Florida State Senate passed their version of the bill, CS/HB-543 (CS/SB-150). Last week, the State House passed their version, HB-543.
This is good news. Yes, I know we all want real Constitutional Carry. And we’re not giving up on that fight, because I know you’re not giving up either. But in the end, while this isn’t the large leap we were promised, it is still a step in the right direction.
Let’s break down why this is a huge win. For years, Republicans refused to even bring up the idea of any pro-gun legislation that would repeal any restriction on carrying a firearm. They’ve been against Open Carry, Campus Carry, and Permitless Carry.
Due to the hard work of Gun Owners of America and more importantly, YOU, we went from RINOs not even hearing any pro-gun legislation to getting this passed. It took years of hard work, but it is paying off.
We’ve put enough pressure on the Republican Establishment and we’ve gotten a major win across the finish line. As soon as Governor DeSantis signs this

Source: Gun Owners of America

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