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By Christen Smith

Millcreek Township School District Superintendent William Hall holds one of the bats that teachers received. (Photo: Erie News Now)
Another Pennsylvania school district adopted an unorthodox approach this month to fighting back against armed intruders — this time, in the form of tiny wooden bats.
Millcreek Township School District in suburban Erie handed out the 16-inch “souvenir bats” to more than 500 teachers and staff on April 2 after updating its security plan in the wake of high-profile school shootings across the country. The district serves more than 7,400 students and spent roughly $1,800 on the bats.
Superintendent William Hall defended the decision Thursday after media reports surfaced mocking the district’s approach.
“We hope the day will never come that our staff will have to defend students and themselves,” he said. “However, we want our staff to know that in a life and death situation, an attack option may be necessary and to use any available tool at their disposal.”
Hall reiterated the bats serve as a last-resort, only authorized for use in a “hard lockdown” situation, in addition to whatever else staff could utilize as a weapon — including chairs, staplers, books and fire extinguishers.
“It is not the primary deterrent, but rather it is


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