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By Ammoland

Defense Training International, Inc

By John Farnam

ISIS Murders Ethiopian Christians
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Between now and 2017, from friends in the System:

“I have been to London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Barcelona over the past several months. The heavy influx of Muslim ‘refugees’ has politics heating-up exponentially all over Western Europe. Lots of hot air, but no action!

The English Channel used to protect the UK from such unwelcome invasions. No more! The Tunnel ended that, and the French are doing precious little to plug the funnel.

Not surprisingly, there is an eruption of radical Islamic Jihad in the UK, and all of Western Europe.

Islamics don’t assimilate! They look upon their increasing presence as a beach-head. They intend to take over, violently. Never doubt it! And, there is scant political will to stop them among the current array of weak-spined politicians!

European Christians and Jews are scared to death, and should be!”


Within CONUS, we’re not much better!

Mexican cartels are as evil as ISIS. They are now a “second government” within Mexico, with the “official” government losing ground by the day. Gang violence, and gang membership, is exploding in Mexico. Open warfare between the government and gangs is now a daily …read more

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