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By Johannes Paulsen

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals today struck down several parts of the District’s firearms laws as unconstitutional. [ED: click here for the NRA’s press release on the ruling.]The case is styled Dick Anthony Heller v. District of Columbia (and yes, we are talking about that Dick Heller). Heller was challenging several parts of DC’s firearms laws, outlined below. Most of these were struck down. Some were upheld. To make it easier on your eyes, they’ll be clearly marked . . .

(1) The requirement that long guns be registered. UPHELD.
(2) The requirement that one must appear in person to register any firearm, and be fingerprinted and photographed. UPHELD.
(3) The requirement that the firearm be brought to the police department as part of its registration. STRUCK DOWN.
(4) The imposition of registration fees of $13.00 for firearms and $35.00 for fingerprinting. UPHELD.
(5) The requirement that registrants take a firearms safety and training course. UPHELD.
(6) The requirement that registrants pass a written exam. STRUCK DOWN.
(7) The prohibition on registration of more than one gun per month. STRUCK DOWN.
(8) The expiration of the registration within three years, necessitating reregistration. STRUCK DOWN.

The opinion written by Justice Douglas …read more

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