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By Val Finnell

Homemade Firearms Ban Coming Up for a Vote
Anti-gun Democrats are traveling at warp speed to violate your constitutionally protected rights by attempting to ban homemade firearms and 80% lowers.
HB 777 is coming up for a vote on Tuesday, March 26th. It’s an anti-gun monstrosity that would make it impossible for you to build your own gun without first seeking government permission.
HB 777 would:

Prohibit the sale or transfer of DIY gun kits, 80% lowers, and other unserialized gun parts.
Prohibit you from making your own gun by buying unserialized parts unless you are licensed to do so.
Make you a felon if you did any of the above!

The “justification” for HB 777 is the alleged uptick in crime in Philadelphia. But the problem in Philly isn’t unserialized gun parts, it’s the failure of DA Larry Krasner to prosecute criminals.
The good news is that there is still hope to defeat HB 777 on the floor of the House. You see, the anti-gun Democrats have a VERY narrow majority and they cannot pass any gun control without some Republican support.
Unfortunately, nine Republicans betrayed you in 2023 and voted for Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders and Universal Registration Check schemes. We need to lean on these

Source: Gun Owners of America

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