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By Val Finnell

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Five Anti-Gun Bills Reported from House Judiciary Committee
The news from the House Judiciary Committee isn’t good. Five of the seven anti-gun bills were reported from the committee and now go to the House Floor. The other two were passed over.
Here is the list of the anti-gun bills that were reported from committee and what they would do:

HB 335: Bans binary triggers and slide fire/bump stocks.
HB 336: This bill would ban any semi-automatic firearm capable of accepting a magazine greater than 10 rounds.
HB 777: Would ban unserialized frames/receivers and DIY gun kits, effectively ending your ability to make your own firearm without government intrusion.
HB 1157: This bill accelerates reporting of mental health adjudications to the Pennsylvania State Police. Section 302 commitments that bar the possession of firearms were struck down in two federal court cases. One ruled such a commitment as a violation of due process (Franklin v. Sessions) and another ruled that such a commitment DOES NOT meet the standard for a federal disability to possess a firearm (Wilborn v. Barr).
HB 1190: Would ban 3D printed firearms unless one

Source: Gun Owners of America

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