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By Michelle Scheuermann

DENVER (Ammoland.Com) – Energy is the catchphrase this week on Outdoor ChannelJuly 25-31. It takes quite a bit to be as adventurous as these highlighted series and some of it is in short supply.

Duck Dynasty continues to quack-up Monday nights with back-to-back-to-back-to-back episodes. First, Jase buys an amphibious ATV to dangle as motiviation for the guys in the shop – getting projects done means a riding in the new ATV. Next, the guys offer to build a playhouse for Jep’s kids – but the design isn’t exactly what Jep and Jessica had in mind. Then, Willie brings Sadie to the warehouse for a class shadowing project and Jase gets her interested in a cow-shaped duck blind. Lastly, Willie and Jase think their wives have become too “city,” so they invite them on a deer hunt. What could possibily go wrong? DROPPED airs back-to-back episodes of the Keefer brothers as they continue their journey through Alaska searching for their supply-yielding caches. The terrain becomes more dangerous as the river funnels into a natural choke point where predator and prey convene. Then, winter starts setting in and the brothers have to wait out a storm along an icy …Read the Rest

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