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By Tom Knighton

Second Amendment supporters are a funny bunch, by and large. Many are more than willing to work with pro-gun liberals on gun issues even though they may disagree with them, but they’re also more than willing to work with them on the points they agree.

But it doesn’t work that way on the other side of the equation. If one’s an anti-gun Republican, for example, it doesn’t matter how squishy one is on the topic as they’ll likely find themselves on the losing end just because they’re a Republican.

Catharine Baker was the only Republican representing the Bay Area in either the Legislature or Congress, until she lost her re-election bid to the Assembly in November. Now there is none.

The two-term incumbent practically ran as a Democrat, and still lost to a political neophyte. That raised the question: If Baker can’t win in the Bay Area, what Republican can?

The answer Baker found after spending weeks combing through post-election data and campaign trail anecdotes should be a red flag for Republicans in the Bay Area and beyond in California, heading into President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

“Ninety percent of the feedback we received was, ‘I …Read the Rest

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