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By Ammoland

Proudly American Flag

By David Limbaugh

Proudly American Flag
David Limbaugh
David Limbaugh

USA – -( I wish the presidential debates could focus on what’s wrong with the status quo and solutions rather than on what one candidate thinks about another’s silly remarks.

I don’t want to hear Jeb Bush cajoling Donald Trump to apologize to his wife in front of millions of people. I don’t want moderators to force a food fight between Trump and other candidates about whether he should have his finger on the nuclear button. I don’t want them provoking a conflict between Chris Christie and Ben Carson over politicians’ expediency. And I sure don’t want to hear a candidate commenting on his rivals’ physical appearance.

This stuff is embarrassing, is unproductive and trivializes vital issues facing the nation.

Such distractions may drive ratings or serve to diminish the conservative brand — to the delight of those stirring the pot — but they don’t advance the vital national discussion about the problems we’re facing. People serious enough to watch these debates want to hear the candidates’ positions on the issues.

There were many valuable moments Wednesday night — candidate after candidate eloquently expounded conservative principles — but there would …read more

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