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By Bob Owens

pulse shooting breach

The more we learn about the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando, the more apparent it is that law enforcement failed before and during the deadliest Islamic terrorist attack since 9/11, and seems unwilling to learn from the failures of the incident afterward.

Prior to the Columbine High School massacre, the police reaction to a mass shooting was a strategy of containment. First-arriving patrol officers were to set up a perimeter to keep the shooter(s) contained. Specially trained and equipped SWAT officers would then gear up and make entry.

Officers engaged the murderers outside of Columbine, but set containment per existing policies instead of pursuing them into the school. As a result of the failure to close with and take down the killers early in the attack, when police already established numerical superiority, the killers were able to roam the hallways shooting at targets of opportunity and throwing pipe-bombs. They then carried out the brutal massacre in the school library, more than seven minutes after their first brush with the law. They finally stopped killing their hostages in the library out of sheer boredom. They left 44 people alive that they could have easily murdered, and simply walked away. They committed …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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