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By Bob Owens

An Oregon State Police officer (left) fires his handgun at Robert "Lavoy" Finicum as Finicum reaches into his coat for a 9mm pistol.

An Oregon State Police officer (left) aims his handgun at Robert “Lavoy” Finicum (right) as Finicum turns towards the officer while reaching into his coat. A 9mm pistol was recovered in the left inside pocket of Finicum’s coat. [still-frame from enhanced video from Oregon Live]

It’s abundantly clear that I and the firearms trainers I’ve spoken to about the Robert “Lavoy” Finicum shooting in Oregon have a radically different opinion about what the FBI aerial video showed than the opinions shared by a small but very vocal group of our fellow citizens who claim that Finicum was “ambushed” and “murdered.”

What accounts for that discrepancy?

The former group are seven firearms instructors from around the nation. Their students include “regular Joes” who desire to become competent with their arms, law enforcement officers, law enforcement trainers, and highly-specialized military units who need to become more proficient with small arms in specialized situations than the average infantry “grunt.”

Just about anyone can teach basic firearms safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship to enable an average person to hit a stationary target, but these higher-level instructors (contacted on background to get their unvarnished professional opinions) teach quite a bit more than basic marksmanship.

Instructors who “train …Read the Rest

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