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By David Codrea

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By David Codrea

I won’t show or name the suspect. What’s important now is to hold fast against those trying to blame you and me for the evil actions of others. (Springs Police/Twitter)

USA – -( True to form, and consistent with Rahm Emanuel’s advocacy to never let a serious crisis go to waste, citizen disarmament swindlers and other totalitarian lobby shills have taken to social and “regular” media to lay blame for Friday’s Colorado Planned Parenthood murders on groups that stand in the way of their goals. Those include gun owners, right to life activists, Republicans, Christians, white males, and others “progressives” view as impediments and threats to their objective of total control.

That’s typical collectivist thinking. Blame a group you want to marginalize and demonize for the actions of a misfit aberration, and draw fraudulent generalized conclusions from which to infringe on rights and increase the state’s control.

Consistent with that, early news accounts related that Barack Obama had been briefed on the incident while it was an in-progress standoff. And consistent with those wishing to “fundamentally transform” the Republic, the talking point that Constitutionalists — accused by those who hate what they stand for …Read the Rest

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