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By Dean Weingarten

I arrived at the 2015 Gun Rights Policy Conference on Friday afternoon. I was openly carrying my old GLOCK 17, as I usually do. It was an unseasonably warm late September day, with the temperature at a balmy 103 here in Phoenix. There had been some Internet rumors about the Sheraton Crescent banning open carry, but I hadn’t seen anything in my contract with them or any sign on the door. When I was there a few years ago at the Arizona Citizen Defense League annual meeting, the room had been full of open carriers . . .

I had an evening meeting with Alan Korwin and assorted notables at the “inner circle” of the JPFO. Over the course of the evening, I noticed two or three other people openly carrying, and a couple of people complimented me on my willingness to do so.

It this is Arizona, open carry isn’t uncommon and there were no signs to tell anyone otherwise. The hotel staff was courteous and helpful. Numerous staff passed me and I can say that I don’t recall so much as a curious glance or inquiry from the staff about my open carry.

The next morning was the main event, and …read more

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