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By Tom Knighton

One of the latest pushes from gun control activists is to try and pressure firearm manufacturers to do things that will supposedly make guns safer.

Now, most of us scratch our head at the idea. After all, guns are inherently dangerous. Their dangerous nature is what makes them useful. A perfectly safe gun is a paperweight, not a weapon.

However, an op-ed recently aimed at Smith & Wesson seems to lay out exactly what the company is supposed to do.

What would that mean? What key elements would be included in a comprehensive safety plan?

First, AOBC should lead in the area of gun safety technologies. It should fast-track the development of guns equipped with user-authenticating technology (a.k.a. “smart guns”). By blocking unauthorized users from firing a gun, these technologies can deter gun theft and reduce gun-related suicides, homicides, and accidental deaths. AOBC should bring an array of technologies to market — state-of-the-art locks, safes, tracking devices, chamber load indicators and others — to make it harder to steal, lose or accidentally fire a gun.

Second, AOBC should strengthen its distribution system to limit the diversion of guns away from lawful owners. As in other industries, it should set …Read the Rest

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