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By Tom Knighton

Anti-gunners have a nasty tendency to grab hold of whatever they can to try and take away people’s rights. Following Parkland, the focus was on modern sporting rifles. It wasn’t the first time, either, of course. It was just what happens after a shooting.

Following the Santa Fe High School shooter and the Capital Gazette shooter both using shotguns, though, it seems that anti-gunners are trying to use that to open the door on broader restrictions.

Each of these widely-publicized shootings was horrific — as is every other act of gun violence. Of the roughly 100 people fatally shot in the United States every day, you can count on one hand those who were slain by a military-grade weapon. Yet, advocates ostensibly working to end gun-related deaths routinely build their campaigns around select firearms, rather than focusing on the lethality of all guns.

Such myopic thinking has resulted in morbid consequences. Lest we forget, the massacre in Littleton, Colo. took place during the federal government’s so-called “assault weapon ban.” Those laws, however, were written in such a convoluted way that, without much effort, you could still legally purchase a gun that was both rapid-firing …Read the Rest

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