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By Rob Morse


By Rob Morse

Slow Facts

California – -( I had to laugh. A new Pew Research poll surveyed our attitude towards guns. I laughed, not because the poll was so bad, but because the poll was so true!

Oops. Never thought of that!

There are two reasons I liked this poll. First, the biased and self-serving news media accelerated a social trend that the media doesn’t like. Second, the end effect was surely something the media didn’t intend. They never saw it coming. Guns have gone mainstream, and the news media helped!

We know the news media distorts reports of violence. Since Cain killed Abel.. if it bleeds it leads. This overemphasis on violence in the media had a cumulative effect, particularly on today’s hipsters who are plugged into their smart phones. These media junkies are flooded with headlines of eye-catching violence.

Most of the media is biased against the right of self-defense. They wanted to show us how bad guns were. Ironically, the result of the biased reporting in the news was that more people saw a dangerous world and wanted firearms for self-defense. …read more

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