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By Ray

OneTigris Rover 35L Backpack Review

Tactical backpacks and bags are very popular these days, not only for operators and members of the military, but for regular people as well. They’re just more practical and durable than your standard backpack. They usually have more well thought out storage compartments and are made of higher quality fabrics.

Now that’s not the case with every tactical bag out there, there is junk out on the market, but the OneTigris Rover 35L Backpack isn’t one of them. Read on to see all the features and our review of the Rover backpack.

The name 35L refers to the size of the bag, which is 35 Liters. The OneTigris Rover 35L Backpack is available in multiple colors. Black, coyote brown, multicam, black multicam and shadow grey. We opted for one in multicam, although the black multicam bag looks pretty boss as well.

The bag is made out of durable and water resistant 500D Codura nylon and uses YKK zippers. It’s light weight and has a bunch of storage compartments. Also included is a lifetime warranty from OneTigris, although before I received this bag to review I never even heard of OneTigris and according to the OneTigris website their HQ is in …Read the Rest

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