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By Brandon Curtis

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OHIO — In an unthinkable act, and possibly random, two men burst into a home during a woman’s gender reveal party and opened fire. One person was killed and another 8 were injured.

The pregnant woman was shot in the leg, and lost her baby.

It isn’t known who opened fire inside the home Saturday night, but they came in dressed in black and police say the shooting inside the home was at random.

The children are hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. The five adults were treated at a Cincinnati hospital, where one is listed in critical condition.

“I did talk to the officer that was the first one on the scene and he just said it was horrific,” police spokesman James Love told reporters. “He said it was something that was unimaginable, and when he started for calling for help, he said, ‘what do I say? I need ambulances, I need people to help me out here.’”

It’s such a sad story, and events like this won’t ever make any sense to stable-minded people. Ever. Sometimes, there is no rhyme or reason as to why these things happen, but it reminds us of how important our self-protection really is.

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