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By James England

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA — On the night of January 9, Montgomery police and first responders arrived at the scene where a young man was critically shot. Across the street was a man wounded with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. And, in the middle of that mix, were three other young men ranging from 17 to 22 years of age. Pretty bad situation, right? Unfortunately for those boys, their friend died at the scene. And that’s where it all goes to hell.

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, the deceased is believed to be a main suspect in an attempted armed robbery of a nearby store. During the ensuing robbery, he was shot by a citizen. He managed to get into the car and take off but succumbed to blood loss as a result of his injuries. His vehicle veered and crashed into a ditch.

Likely panicked, 22-year-old Joshua Rogers hit the pedal to the metal before realizing he was already essentially dead. That’s the thing with ballistics, soft tissue, and the autonomic functions of the human body. They don’t all decide to coordinate at once.

Rogers was pronounced dead at the scene. It’s unknown if his three accomplices, Joquan Belyue, 17, Terrance Moorer, 17, and …Read the Rest

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