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By Tom Knighton

For all the billions Hollywood has made due to their use of firearms in film, it seems the town doesn’t really have any loyalty toward the gun. Of course, that might not be especially fair in some regards. After all, a lot of the people behind these movies tend to remain somewhat quiet on the topic of the Second Amendment. It’s really just a handful of hypocritical actors and other “creatives” who use guns in movies then seek to deny them for the rest of us that are the problem.

And, unfortunately, they’re at it again.

The star-studded video encourages people to “make a plan to vote,” with the cast revealing how they will vote in the upcoming midterms.

“On November 6, we have an opportunity to elect candidates who will actually do something about our country’s gun violence crisis,” the actors and actresses state. “Gun sense candidates who will support commonsense gun safety laws […] and, most importantly, people that aren’t bought and paid for by the NRA.”

“But we have to show up to the polls to actually make that happen,” they further warn. “So we’ve gotta get out and vote for them.”

The video itself, for those who can …Read the Rest

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