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By Dan Zimmerman


Reader CC writes:

It seems that every time there is an active shooter incident on a military installation, the politicians scream that something should be done and demand to know why military members can’t carry weapons on base. A lot of blame is thrown around about which president is responsible for why carrying firearms in base is prohibited; yet no one seems to want to propose lifting the ban. I personally wish for the day we can carry concealed as I wonder if it will happen at the base where I am stationed . . .

Recently, I had to attend my M4 qualification course for a possible deployment. During the course, the instructors kept bringing up the possibility of dealing with an active shooter or green-on-blue attack. During one of the breaks, I talked with one of my classmates about the recent active shooter incidents on bases such as Fort Hood and the Washington Naval Yard. The instructor thought that if the base patrols could have responded quicker, then the incidents would have been a lot less severe. This upset me a little and so I asked him his thoughts on letting military members carry — either openly or concealed — …read more

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