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By Nick Leghorn


We’ve come to expect the anti-gun crowd to get the vapors whenever they see anything resembling a firearm. They see firearms as fetish items and talismans of evil, so it almost makes sense that whenever they catch a glimpse of something gun-related they act like Baron Samedi just stepped onto the scene. It seems that the Boston MBTA Transit Police are getting in on the action now, having arrested a man for the heinous crime of not realizing that punk is something best left in the late 1970’s . . .

According to reports, Kevin Young of Watertown, Massachusetts calmly walked onto a bus, paid his fare, and was expecting an uneventful journey to his destination. What he got instead was a bus full of panicked Bostonians frantically calling 911 and claiming that the quiet rioter had a gun and was going to shoot people. From

At about 4:20 PM on Friday July 10, 2015, officers assigned to District D-14 (Brighton) responded to a call for a person with a gun on an MBTA bus in the area of Cambridge and Harvard Streets. Officers learned that the driver had pulled the …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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