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By Lee Williams

Russell Fincher operated Triple G Firearms, LLC at his home until he was raided last year by the ATF. (Photo courtesy Russell Fincher).by Lee WilliamsRussell Fincher needed three jobs just to provide for his family in Joe Biden’s economy. He taught high school history, served as a Baptist minister and sold guns and ammunition out of a small shed in the backyard of his Tuskahoma, Oklahoma home. Somehow, he also found time to coach a winning Little League team.For reasons that are still not known, Fincher came to the attention of the ATF. A story published last year chronicled how 15 heavily armed ATF agents raided Fincher’s home June 15, handcuffed him on his deck and then yelled, screamed and threatened the 52-year-old man — in front of this 13-year-old son — until he “voluntarily” surrendered his Federal Firearm License, (FFL).According to documents filed with the court, ATF agent Darrell Withem was responsible for the “knock and announce” during the search warrant execution. ATF agent Jon Butler carried the ballistic shield, and Agent Ben Nechiporenko took the battering ram, which was not used since Fincher opened the door and let them in. Agent Theodore Mongell led the raid.“You’re done. We

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