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By James England

NEWNAN, GEORGIA — Ever read about one of those scenarios where, from the headline, you can’t possibly imagine how this story could have a happy ending? Well, this is certainly it. Already eligible for the prestigious ‘irresponsible gun owner of 2017 award’, one mother left her toddler and 11-year-old alone in the car with a loaded handgun still in her purse.

The 11-year-old probably knew better than to reach into the purse and look for the gun. A toddler doesn’t. That’s a pretty easy determination to make.

“Gee, I wonder if my toddler is old enough to know he’s dealing with a loaded firearm?”

Well, according to the story from KTLA 5 News, thankfully that mistake cost no one’s life. The toddler got into the purse, found the loaded firearm and discharged it. Apparently, it was in some sort of holster inside the purse, so the the round didn’t fire towards the girl in the car but a screw flew off from the holster and embedded itself in her.

She needed surgery to get it back out.

Now, I’m completely fine with a mother driving around town with a gun in her purse. After all, I’d expect her to defend herself and her …Read the Rest

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