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By Jennifer Cruz

The NYPD’s newest class of recruits during a swearing in ceremony last week. (Photo: NYPD)
Thursday afternoon, just one day after a New York City Police officer was shot and killed while sitting in a mobile command unit, the department welcomed more than 500 new recruits to the force.
The 524 new recruits include 85 former city service workers and 39 military veterans. The class come from 38 different countries across the world and can collectively speak 19 different languages, according to an NYPD news release.
The newly sworn-in recruits will spend the next six months in training, which will focus on neighborhood policing, de-escalation, communication skills, penal law, and safety tactics, as well as active-shooter training and anti-terror tactics. In an effort to enhance their abilities to protect the people of the city, their training will include access to the latest technology and education.
New York City Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill began the ceremony by telling the recruits, “You can truly make a difference.”
“It won’t be easy,” O’Neill said of the recruits’ upcoming training, adding, “Our line of work certainly isn’t for everyone.”
He also noted that some days are easier than others.
“You’ll have days when your pride in this department and


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